Welcome to the Genee website. We wish you a Happy New Year and we hope it will be a positive one for you. 

Open for business 

We are open for business to supply, install and provide training on our products throughout the UK and internationally. We have trained our staff to ensure maximum protection for our customers and our staff and we have provided appropriate PPE equipment for our staff. 

Products and software for distance learning engagement 

At Genee we understand the importance of distance learning and software to engage students. 

Our interactive touchscreens can we used with Zoom, Teams and with any other video conference software to enable teachers to share their lessons with classroom students and remote students live. They also have the feature to record everything displayed during the lesson which can be sent to pupils by email afterwards. 

Our SPARK II software is also great for remote and home learning as it is free for teachers and students. With a range of tools, resources and learning pre-sets, it makes teaching and learning more engaging and collaborative.  

To download please use the chat feature on the right-hand side of this page, or alternatively, email [email protected] 

Our visualisers (document cameras) can be connected to our interactive touchscreens using our Genee Toolbar software to display the images to classroom and remote students live. In fact, they even plug into laptops to show images away from the main screen or at home. Our wireless visualisers can be charged overnight so that they can be used throughout the day without any wires making them more Covid friendly. Click here to find out more. 

If you have already purchased a Genee Vision Visualiser, we are currently offering free additional licenses for our Genee Toolbar software for remote learning.  

To download please use the chat feature on the righthand side of this page, or alternatively, email [email protected]  

New products launched and reduced prices 

We have launched new products in January 2021 and reduced pricing on several models to ensure our interactive touchscreens and related products are more accessible to our customers during these difficult budget-controlled times. Please call us for more information on 01902 390862. 

We have further new products and resources becoming available in the first quarter of 2021. 

Virtual exhibition 

For those missing the ability to see us at major exhibitions this year please watch this space for an exciting alternative! 

Easy communication 

We hope the website gives you easy access to the information you require. We believe our website is only part of our means of communication and we are available to speak to you during normal business hours. We also provide information and resources through social media. You can follow our pages with the below links. Alternatively, you can subscribe to our email newsletter by filling in the form below. 

Weekly Webinars! 

We have developed a classroom learning environment where we will be conducting weekly Educational Webinars for teachers each Wednesday. Our experienced ex ICT Head Mr. Taz Arkate will be providing ideas and training on how our products can be used for remote learning and also on some of the key benefits and features of our new products launched this year. We hope you are able to join us ‘live’ during these sessions. 

There will be an opportunity to ask questions, put requests for certain activities to be shown as well as discussing new and interesting ways of engaging students who are working from home!