We are happy to announce our new G-Touch® Emerald! Our continued innovation has helped us develop an interactive touch screen with outstanding image quality.

Now with the highest brightness of any G-Touch® screen and features the latest optical bonded technology which allows the G-Touch® displays to have wide viewing angles with next to no glare. User interface is one of the most important factors when developing digital touch technology. Developing a 3-touch rule allows users to access any function within 3 touches, ensuring an intuitive and easy way to use our G-Touch® screens. The G-Touch® Emerald also features a USB Type C, 20W front facing speakers and strong and durable glass. The Glass is now also shatter proof for harsh environments and accidental damage which can happen in a classroom with small children.

The all-new USB Type C port the first for our G-Touch range allows which simplifies the number of cables you need to connect a device to a touchscreen. You can now use one cable to transmit data, audio, video, ethernet, touch and power.

The 4K Emerald screen comes complete with the latest Android operating system with the ability to download apps from the Genee App Store. The Android system also allows users to mirror cast their device onto the screen, and seamlessly integrate technology such as our Genee Vision Visualisers. The Android system also allows users to cast their device onto the screen, and seamlessly integrate technology such as our Genee Vision Visualisers.

The G-Touch® 4K Emerald range come with the Genee App Store pre-installed for all key stages and subjects. The store provides quick and easy access to a range of educational related applications that have been selected, tested and verified by a content team made up of ex teachers. The store features apps listed in useful teaching categories by subject, age range, key stage and product type. The Genee App store has hundreds of apps with over 80% being free of charge.

SPARK II is an interactive screen software. Designed to work on both interactive whiteboards and LED touchscreens, it provides a presenter or teacher with an infinite canvas area.  With an open license and no annual subscription fee, means it can be installed on multiple devices within the organisation.

As well as importing documents and images from local files or the internet, this software will run over the top of other applications allowing you to annotate, highlight and manipulate objects. It comes with a range of tools such as a Compass, Protractor, Ruler etc. It also has Science and Math’s Content built within it.

Genee delivers a range of interactive touchscreen displays, tablets, touch tables, visualisers, response systems and kiosks with a range of software to enhance teaching, training and presentations within the education sector and corporate enterprises. Our expertise in the professional AV arena provides us with an in-depth understanding of the requirements of our clients, and we provide unique solutions designed to make life easier and enhance presentation experiences for both presenter and audience. We have a keen focus on interoperability and connectivity to enable our technology to be seamlessly integrated into any environment.

We understand the need for well trained staff who can see the benefits of technology in education. This is why we have developed a PDP programme.

The learning benefits come from the software that is provided. Exciting new software like Genee Project Flow allows closer integration between the front of classroom screen and student devices, allowing instant mobile collaboration, assessment and management with differentiated resources. Software such as Genee SPARK allows teachers to adapt and engage with their learners and our newly developed Training Academy gives your staff the confidence to build and develop their abilities.

The new Emerald range is a one of the most innovative screens we have ever created and has already made it to corporate and educational establishments in the country and around the world.

We have also recently revamped our Genee Training Academy which now gives users in depth training when you purchase the G-Touch. Training is not about showing teachers how to use kit. It is about empowering teachers to use ICT and digital tools combined with their own expertise and creativity, to transform learning and teaching in the classroom. Our new Get Going training is now split into 3 different sections with each building on from the previous section. This allows users to book a session once they feel ready to do so.

As part of the Gem Series, we will also be launching our Sapphire Range and Ruby Range very soon!

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