Designed specifically around multi-user game-based learning, Learn-Hub is a cloud based software that includes nine fully adaptable learning activities. Activities are designed for Early Years & Primary students and can be customised and configured by the teacher to meet any level or topic of work.

All activities are fully customisable with a simple interface to allow teachers to take full control. Teachers can also save, print and record student results.

Up to 4 students at the same time can utilise the activities competitively and when used on an interactive screen (such as G-Touch Tables) the full multi-touch capabilities are revealed.

Games –

  • Addition – Develop your students ability in simple addition with this drag and drop activity.
  • Subtract/Multiplication – Develop your students ability to subtract and multiply.
  • Interactive Clock – Teach your students to convert between analogue and digital times using our interactive clock activity.
  • Matching – Add words and/or images to cards and play a game of pairs to aid memory and reinforce the learning of different topics in this classic activity.
  • Number Grid Activity – Complete the number grid by dragging and dropping numbers into the correct position.
  • Quiz – Write a multiple-choice quiz, upload images to help and then dynamically challenge your students.
  • Painting – Upload a set of images to use as a basis for your students to paint and edit.
  • Spellings – Upload any list of spellings and clues and test your students spelling skills.
  • Word Search – Upload any list of words and dynamically generate a word search for students to complete.