Genee Accessories

Genee OPS Unit

OPS (Open Pluggable Specification) enables the ability to upgrade your existing touchscreens to your individual business requirements, while helping to future-proof technology investments.

The OPS unit can accommodate further, as it can be interchangeable with other devices.

Audience Response System

Genee Audience Response Systems enable audiences or students to give instant feedback or answer questions posed by the presenter. Immediate responses can be given using either dedicated wireless handsets or devices such as laptops, tablets and smartphones.


Utilise the Visualiser’s features to compare work, analyse content and record your presentation for reviewing and much more! A key use for Visualisers is to demonstrate student work in lessons for peer led assessment, and to enable discussion through collaboration.

Wall Mounts, Trolleys and Stands

The Genee range is designed to match your needs and your environment with your budget. Our stand, wall mounts and trolleys have been selected to provide a solution for all Genee Interactive Touchscreen, but are also compatible with other branded screens

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