All on-site visit will be arranged once the first line support has been complete via the support helpdesk.

  1. If you are facing technical issues with a product the 1st step is to create a support ticket.
  2. Our support team will assess the issue.
  3. If the product is found to be faulty, we shall send you an RMA form for you to complete and return via the helpdesk.

To register your product for warranty you will need to complete the warranty registration form on our web site.


There are 5 different PIN codes that your table is pre-setup, Admin 1234 / Audio 1111 / Padlock 2222 / OS 3333 / shutdown 4444

There is a small global on the front menu, which is either red or green, if the global is green there is a internet connection present.

Yes, you can install applications to the touch table.  Please check the user manual for instruction how to do this.


  1. Check the mains lead has not been trapped and damaged behind the screen when the screen has been tilted forwards or backwards.
  2. Android based screens have a reset button located by the power cable input. Reset by holding in for a few seconds.
  3. Raise a support ticket on Geneeworld website.
  1. Check the mains cable is fully inserted and the rocker switch by the mains input is set to on.
  2. Check there are no damaged ports (especially USB) as this will hold the screen in standby for safety, including wrong connection of USB.
  3. Raise a support ticket on Geneeworld website.
  1. Ensure that the correct USB touch port is in use for the source selected. See user manual (available for download)
  2. Use the shortest USB cable possible (maximum 5 metre unless using powered repeaters)
  3. Ensure that you have run the “calibration” process, either on Windows “tablet PC settings”, or within the provided “spark” software. You will need administrator privileges on the PC to do this.
  4. Check that there is nothing around the frame of the screen that can block the “vision” of the IR sensors used for touch.
  5. Raise a support ticket on the Geneeworld website.
  1. Quality of cable and length of cable are important. Keep length to a minimum. Screens are provided with suitable cables. Check cables are fully inserted and that ports and cables have not been damaged.
  2. Use suitable resolution settings from your equipment to the screen. Either 1920x1080p(for FHD) or 3840x2160p(for UHD/4k) will be the native resolution of your screen.
  3. If cabling is not the issue raise a support ticket on Geneeworld website and attaching a picture will help diagnosis.

Consult with your supplier for software that is bundled with the purchase of your screens, and what the available options are. These are supplied by download link.

They are available by download, so submitting a support ticket online with your screen detail will enable us to send you a link for your specific model.

You will only have a basic one-year warranty unless you register your product on the Geneeworld website. Registration will ensure you are entitled to the period of warranty stated on your sales invoice.

Please complete a support request ticket on Geneeworld website. We can then make an assessment of the best way forward.

  1. Firstly, complete a support ticket on the Geneeworld website, we can then go through some troubleshooting to make sure you do need a visit. This will ensure if it something that can be sorted over the phone it can be done quickly.
  2. UK visits are free of charge when covered by warranty. You will be asked to fill a site visit request form so that it can be arranged promptly and conveniently.


Visualisers units come with 1-year warranty return to base. Units which have any extended warranty must be registered via the web site.  Please note that proof of purchase will be required for all warranty claims.

The Software we supply with the unit is Genee Toolbar, this will be delivered via our software portal to you.

  1. Check if the power adapter is connected
  2. Check that the fig8 lead is correctly fitted to the power adapter
  3. Should the front panel power button not work, attempt to power the unit with the remote control
  4. Raise support ticket
  1. Check if the output cable is loose
  2. Check you have output to another source, i.e. second monitor or projector
  3. Check the different input sources on the visualiser marked CCD, PC1, PC2
  4. Connect a USB cable to the visualiser and attempt to capture images within your chosen whiteboard or camera application
  5. Raise support ticket
  1. Attempt to use the remote control to zoom
  2. Check that buttons are not stuck or show signs of dirt.
  3. Raise support ticket

Have you taken the lens cap off? There is a rubber cap that protects the lens in transit.  This needs to be removed.

No, you can output the display feed directly to the screen – if you wish to capture images use it in conjunction with an PC using the software provide.

Simply angle the camera so that it points to the table or desk in front or behind the visualiser and zoom out to get the biggest image possible. Use it in this way when carrying out science practical demonstrations or food technology demonstrations or a process on a machine such as threading a sewing machine or using a CNC machine in Technology.


If you only use the Registrar onsite system, we don’t do anything with the data. The system sits on a computer that you have purchased and sits on your network. We have no access to this without your consent and would always ask for this before doing so. If you don’t use any of our other services such as the support desk, or Genee Cloud we do not process the data. You always remain the controller of the data and we would only ever do what is agreed in our maintenance contract.

When we process data on your behalf we will only ever do what has been agreed in the contract. For example, we will never share your data with a third-party organisation or handle it in a way that has not been explained in the contract. Where data is processed in the cloud or by our staff, it is done so in a way that complies with the GDPR. More details of this can be found in our data sharing agreement which can be requested by customers, and our privacy policy statement which can be downloaded.

Any data that we process using a cloud-based service is a secure service hosted by a Tier 1 service provider and is stored in line with the requirements laid out in GDPR. Data stored at Genee offices is done so on our secure network. More details of this can be found in our data sharing agreement which can be requested by customers, and our privacy policy statement.

The short answer is no you don’t with certain exceptions. The longer answer is that there are legal obligation placed on schools to keep registers of those who attend site for various reasons including The Education Act and The Health & Safety Act. This legislation requires schools to keep records and the choice of how you do this is down to you. Additional consent is required if you are using biometric identification, but this is obtained from visitors as they arrive. Should you wish to use this with staff (under GDPR) and students (under GDPR and guidance from the DfE (  you will be required to obtain consent before implementing.)

Genee only process your data that is required as part of the contract we have with your organisation. This varies depending on the service purchased. Details for each service can be found in our data sharing agreement which can be requested by customers, and our privacy policy statement which can be downloaded.

All transfer is done via https to ensure that it remains secure in transit. This is also the same when the support team need to access the school system via the internet to conduct work on a school system.

The Registrar system installed on the computer purchased from your reseller is encrypted at the 256bit AES industry standard. The system and its supporting network infrastructure is subject to the policies of the school to enable it to be maintained without any reliance on input from Genee.

The only cases where personal data could be displayed on the Registrar screen system are:

  • When the system is set up to allow ‘quick pick’ which retains data for a period of time agreed with the school to allow quick signing in for visitors returning within the agreed timescale.
  • The school pre-registers visitors for events or regular visitors to make signing in quicker.
  • In the case of visitor entering their own details, the system will be/is set up to ensure that they are asked for their consent for this to be displayed. In the case of pre-registered visitors, it is the responsibility of the school to gain consent for this when arranging the pre-booking.

How long does Registrar keep my data for?

Any data entered by the school into the Registrar system situated within the school will be stored as agreed by the school in line with its data protection policy. Where Registrar processes data, the retention policy for this can be found in our data.

be found in our data sharing agreement which can be requested by customers, and our privacy policy statement which can be downloaded. These policies also include details about storage and deletion of data processed by Genee.

OPS Units

All OPS units come with 1-year warranty return to base.  Please note that proof of purchase will be required for all warranty claims.

OPS unit can be purchased with or without operating system, please make sure to check on your order.

We only support the hardware of the OPS units.  As you can understand there can be many issues regarding software and permissions.  These units will be better supported by your own internal IT support staff.

Still Having Trouble?

  • We aim to contact all Service Enquiries with a first response within two hours of a ticket being raised
  • If the issue is driver or software related, we will attempt to resolve immediately upon receipt of an online ticket registration
  • We aim to resolve all software and driver issues within a maximum period of three working days
  • We aim to resolve all support visits for hardware issues within 10 working days
  • If after three days, there is no response from the customer via our online helpdesk, our Tech agent system will chase the customer for a response.
  • After a further four days, if there is still no response, customer will be chased again.
  • By the 10th day, if no response has been received from the customer, the ticket will close.
  • Onsite Technical Support Visits are available for hardware failures only. All Support Visits must be booked through the online Helpdesk.