The Titan Partnership enhances its teacher training programme with Genee

The Titan Partnership is a cross-phase network of around 50 educational establishments including nursery, primary and secondary schools, FE colleges, private training providers and universities in Birmingham. Its Initial Teacher Training Programme is renowned for its localised approach to training teachers for inner-city schools. By effectively combining technology with this bespoke approach, it unlocks the real potential of future teachers and leaders.

Through the introduction of Genee’s interactive screen, Carolyn Chapman-Lees, chief executive officer of Titan, explains how it has fostered a more collaborative and interactive environment for their trainees to learn and build skills.


At Titan, we have successfully trained teachers for over 20 years, working with primary and secondary schools across Birmingham to deliver outstanding school-based training.

Part of our ethos is to focus on inclusion, collaboration, skills and employability and this philosophy is underlined in our Initial Teacher Training Programme, where we develop the teachers and leaders of tomorrow. These teachers not only gain qualified teacher status (QTS) and a postgraduate certificate in education (PGCE) qualification accredited by Birmingham City University, but also have access to unique support and training.

The programme’s bespoke, localised approach to training teachers for inner-city schools has recently been made even more effective due to a donation of an 84-inch interactive touch screen from Genee, helping the overall development and experience of teachers’ learning.

Enhancing technological skills

On any given week, we might have around 20 headteachers, 25 trainees, curriculum leaders and members of executive boards, all sitting in front of the interactive screen.

Not only does the Genee screen make us look professional – we had a smaller projector and a pull-out screen before – but it also shows that we are aligned with the needs of schools. We understand the powerful potential that technology presents in the classroom when it comes to teaching and learning, and so we’re reflecting that in our training programme to better equip our trainees. For us, it has allowed us to make our sessions a lot more collaborative and interactive.

Student teachers are currently using it to help develop their creative skills by producing and delivering PowerPoint and Prezi presentations in a safe environment as well as familiarising themselves with this type of equipment that is more often than not used in the classroom environment. It’s a good practice ground for them and that’s the whole point of our programme; it is a collaborative space for them to practice their profession.

Building these skills has helped to develop their ability to compile large amounts of information into a sleek and engaging presentation, and deliver it with confidence, all of which helps to increase children’s listening and understanding of topics and subjects.

Feedback so far

Since introducing the screen into the programme, we’ve had a lot of positive feedback. It’s so easy to use, very interactive and enables us to practice in a setting that would replicate your typical classroom. The functionality is so diverse, I think we still aren’t using it to its fullest potential but the more we implement it into the programme, the more we will discover. The best part about the screen is that our student teachers can work together and teach each other how to use it as part of their training and make sure they’re really making the most of it.

Although Genee kindly donated the screen, they still managed the whole process from start to finish, treating us like paying customers. They gave us some training, showed us how to use it and any challenges we’re quickly resolved; it was all very professional and the aftercare has been superb.

Going forward

The opportunities that AV equipment has provided our teacher training programme are immense and yet there is still so much we are only just discovering. There are definitely ways we can utilise this technology to its fullest potential by doing more to connect schools and increase collaboration with our trainees.

We are so grateful to Genee for its kind donation and we’re excited to see not only what other opportunities it presents to us at Titan, but also for the skills our trainees are developing to generate prosperity for themselves, their families, and for their communities.